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What is My Red Envelope?

My Red Envelope is being developed by Lou Westbury and Grahame Gavin who are the owners of Bali Ginger Suites & Villa and Bali Akasa Villa.

Over the years they have been involved in fundraising for many different kinds of projects, and they always seemed to entail more work than the money actually raised. Working in theatre in Australia they were always aware that businesses were often very keen to actively support projects that benefitted the community. They were often willing to donate and even fund initiatives that were socially responsible and valued the chance to be involved in making the community a better place to live, work and do business in.

Here in Bali, Grahame and Lou were sometimes approached by local businesses, especially restaurants and tour operators, to send customers to them, and in exchange they would pay a commission, typically 10 percent. This is a widely established practice in Indonesia, but as the owners, Grahame and Lou never liked it. Their focus is on looking after their guests, and they especially do not want their staff chasing commissions.

Several years ago Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana was just opening and came to Bali Ginger Suites offering commission. Later, discussing with Lacalaca, the idea came up for them to give that 10% to a Yayasan instead. A charity. And right then and there, the seed for My Red Envelope was born.  Together we can do good and support some people who really need help.

It tied several things together.

Firstly, people who enjoy Bali and come here as visitors often ask “How can we give back to Bali?”. The answer is simple; “Support My Red Envelope businesses, and 10% of your bill is given directly from that business to a charity”.

Many businesses appreciate the opportunity to practice Social Responsibility in Bali but ask themselves “How can I help make sure that those who are not benefitting from the growing Indonesian economy are not left behind and forgotten?” My Red Envelope provides a simple mechanism to partner a business with a charity.

As well as that, charities are always looking for support, and My Red Envelope helps them find it.


First Campaign Partners in Seminyak

Through My Red Envelope we can do good for charities, and do good for businesses. And all that anyone needs to do to help out, is to choose a business who is part of the program. It doesn’t cost any extra. You don’t have to donate, make jam or sell a raffle ticket. Instead do what you were going to do anyhow, go out for dinner. Drink a cocktail. Get a massage. Enjoy your next birthday at a My Red Envelope restaurant. It really is as easy as that.
Bali Ginger Suites & Villa and Bali Akasa Villa have always promoted themselves as being socially responsible and have active programs that benefit the environment and our staff. We also want to benefit the local community through My Red Envelope. It began as a promotional idea with local restaurants, and we do see a lot of value in being a socially responsible business, and our guests also love it. But we think it can be much more than that and have decided to make My Red Envelope available for other businesses and properties who want to be social responsibility.