Gang Ginger, Jalan Drupadi II, Seminyak, 80361 Bali. Phone: +62 361 474 0642/ +62 85 205 100 712
Email: [email protected]

Hidden down a secluded lane, but within Bali’s premiere tourist district, Bali Ginger Suites is located in fine company; fine dining, fine shopping and fine nightlife. Within walking distance to many great restaurants (La Sal, Kreol Kitchen, Chez Gado Gado) and venues (JP’s Warung, Santa Fe, Manekepis), and a 5 minute taxi ride to places such as KuDeTa, “Eat Street”, Potato Head, La Luciola to name just a few.

It is the perfect location for a relaxing and sensuous holiday with numerous options for you to explore, including the option to stay right where you are.

Bali Ginger Suites & Villa is on Jl Drupadi II which runs off Jl Drupadi, La Sal Restaurant and Mini Mart are on the corner. At the end of this short road, turn left into the driveway which leads you straight into the carpark and reception. Bali Ginger Suites can also be accessed by motor bike or foot via a small lane which runs off Jl Dyana Pura, Cosa Nostra Pizza Restaurant is on the corner. This is also the quickest way to get to the beach.

Bali Ginger Suites & Villa is right in the heart of Seminyak, sandwiched between Jalan Drupadi and Jalan Dyana Pura and only 500 meters back from the beach. This small and sweet boutique hotel is within easy walking distance of the many restaurants, spas, shops and nightclubs that makes Seminyak famous. The location is ideal for guests wanting to be close to the beach yet looking to experience inner city living, dining and shopping Bali style.

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Maps are available at the front office, where you can also enquire about activities and Day Trips available in Bali, and where we can assist with bookings. We try to only recommend activities which we have direct experience of; however, in the end we take no responsibility for the services provided.

For the adventurous of spirit try Elephant Safari Park, White Water Rafting, Cycling down Kintamani, Tree Tops at Bedugul, and Water Sports of all sorts.

For families we suggest Waterbom Park, Cycling tours, Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park, Butterfly (and creepy insect) Park, Safari Park, Learn to Surf, Horse Riding, Kecak Dances and Sunset at the temple at Tanah Lot.

For the more relaxed visitors Yoga classes, Learn to Cook Indonesian food, Massage, Pedicure, Manicure and another Massage, lunch in Ubud, Sunrise take a long walk on the beach, Sunset find a spot on the bean bags at Seminyak Beach, Shopping and a Massage, Learn to Salsa.

Eating is a pleasure in Bali, with many options for a wide range of budgets. There are nearby options in Jalan Dyana Pura including Pizza and Indonesian food, and we recommend JP’s Warung. And on the beachfront itself is a range of cafe style eateries as well as the fabulous Chez Gado Gado for something more up market. We also recommend LaSal, which serves Spanish food, and is an easy walk from Bali Ginger Suites. The legendary Jalan Oberoi, or Eat Street, is peppered with terrific food options including contemporary Indonesian food, great Italian, Greek, Japanese and Moroccan restaurants to name a few. All within a short taxi ride are great restaurants such as Mama San, Metis, Sardine, La Luciola, Breeze and Sarong, all serving fine cuisine. Follow your nose. Lunch at Biku is delightful or go local at Kolega.

If you like coffee we suggest trying Anomali near the corner of Jalan Drupadi and Jalan Oberoi. It roasts and serves single origin coffees from various islands of Indonesia, and has a variety of methods for brewing your coffee including siphon, espresso, press and drip. A personal favourite is Sea Circus near the temple at Petitenget. Great for breakfast and coffee after a brisk beach walk. But there are many good coffee houses around, and we suggest you try Coffee Luwak; the beans have been ingested by small furry creatures as part of the process.

Shopping has endless possibilities in Bali. You can go local at markets such as the Legian or Ubud Art Markets, where you will meet some of most persuasive hawkers anywhere and can get “Special Morning price” at anytime of the day, or you can shop in the more familiar shopping malls such as Mall Bali Galleria and Discovery Mall. In Seminyak itself you will find a vast array of boutiques with original designs, alongside global brand outlets. You can also find tailors to fit you out in your own design, or an “original copy”. Enjoy the banter as you haggle for the best price.

And finally, don’t be afraid to do nothing at all. Sleep in, laze around the pool, mooch in front of the TV, take that book you brought with you out of the bag and fall asleep on the sun-lounge before you even open it, ignore your emails, daydream, get a  massage delivered to your door.

“Where should we get Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?”

Give me a thousand rupiah for every-time I get asked this and I’d be a millionaire. So I have put together a list of 5 of our favorites. But really, in Bali you should follow your eyes and nose. There are so many good places. They open new ones regularly, and they close almost at the same rate.

5 Breakfasts
Unashamedly, this list is really a list of some of the best places to get a decent coffee.

Sea Circus. Mmmm, Seven Senses coffee served in funky, slightly retro atmosphere and just short walk to the beach. Great WiFi, and I recommend the avo-eggs; poached eggs on avocado on crunchy toast, served with onion jam…… not sure if I should bother recommending another 4 places. Just go here every morning.

Grocer and Grind. You’ll think you have time travelled to a parallel universe which has equal parts Melbourne and Bali. Stylish, great coffee, open dining. It is good, and perhaps a little over-priced. Go here every morning too.

The Tuck shop. Careful how you say that. Always busy despite being on a noisy corner at the top of “Eat Street”. Many expats breakfast here and it is a top networking spot. Great internet, good coffee, and breakfasts are ok.

Anomali is a mixed bag, but I like it. You can choose from different single origin coffee beans from all around Indonesia, and you get a nice education in differing flavours, and also different brewing styles. A nice breakfast choice too, and while I haven’t tried them, the three boiled eggs with different toppings looks great. Seating is a bit military in its comfort rating.

Ku De Ta. One of the most famous places to go out in Bali, and I recommend it for Sunday breakfast. The beach is beautiful, and so are the people and you can be beautiful too.

5 Lunches  So many places so just trying to give a bit of diversity here.

Biku is lovely. Nice and comfortably casual. You can just hang around here and feel like you are at home, even though it is most likely nothing like your real home. The building is an antique Joglo house from Java, so there is lots of beautiful wood, and there are also a few antique bits and pieces for sale, as well as a book corner. The menu is a bit pan-Asian with a smattering of different dishes from here and there. And there is always a bit of an array of cakes (their High Tea is a little bit famous around here).

Pilli-Pilli.While it is possible to eat at a different pizza place every meal you have in Bali, you really need to try some Indonesian food while you are here. There are so many places and you will often see the food displayed in a window, a range of dishes. What you will be ordering is Nasi Campur; rice with a choice of side dishes which you choose. I like Pilli-Pilli because it is clean, has an indoor a/c area, and a nice outdoor undercover area. Need a bit of extra spice in your life? Try the sambal.

L’Assiette is a really nicely setup French restaurant. Okay I am not a big fan of the artificial lavender, but the rest of it is very nice, relaxing, and even a little bit romantic. Good service and a nice menu.

Made’s Warung is as close to an institution in Indonesian food as you will get. It has a diverse menu of western and Indonesian food so is great to go with a family or friends. The tables are set up around a courtyard creating a relaxed atmosphere, and there are boutique shops to have a look at in the complex itself. You will be able to order Nasi Campur, which is always my recommendation for lunch, providing a few different flavours and tastes. In the evenings they sometimes have Balinese dance which is a pleasant way to see some of these classic performances. By the way, Made is pronounced Ma Day and is the name often given to the second child in a Balinese family

Il Warung, virtually opposite Made’s Warung is an unusual little haven for lunch, which also looks beautiful at night. Italian owned, there is a good selection of salads and light meals. The setting is colourful and you sit under a canopy of trees and verandas, they play pretty cool music while you surf the internet, and there is a constant trickle of passersby who venture into the courtyard to look at the boutique shops.

5 Dinners
I readily admit that distilling the vast array of night-time dining options down to 5 is beyond me. Bali has an awesome selection of choices. Some of them are pricey, unless you compare them to a similar standard of restaurant in most western cities, in which case they represent great value.

Among the places that should be on your Dining Hit List are;

  • Mama San
  • Sardine
  • Metis
  • La Sal
  • Chez Gado Gado
  • Breeze
  • Warisan
  • Manikepis
  • Pearl
  • Tulip
  • La Luciola
  • Sarong
  • Chandi

That is a baker’s dozen of excellent choices in no particular order, all within a 5-10 minute taxi ride.

I have highlighted 5, but could easily have chosen a different 5 to highlight and expand on.

Mama San has been open less than a year and is already one of the top spots for dining. Great atmosphere with a kind of Chinese meets Chicago feel. The food is TOPS, although very meaty.

La Sal is the closest restaurant to Bali Ginger Suites and serves Spanish food including great tapas. Casual dining either in their open sided restaurant, or even better, under the trees in the courtyard.

Chez Gado Gado is one of numerous Seminyak beachside restaurants which will provide a wonderful night out. Recently renovated (and strangely adding “Chez” to the name) Gado Gado is a longstanding Fave.

La Luciola is also beachside with expansive lawns and coconut palms stretching to the beach and sunset beyond. Just a great location and atmosphere. It is worth faking that you are having a birthday here as the entire staff seems to turn out to sing you one of the worst renditions of Happy Birthday I have ever heard. Nice food, great cocktails.

Chandi serves Indonesian cuisine with a contemporary edge. In an area peppered with great European restaurants, Chandi is different and popular. The bar is a good place to perch and watch them smashing cocktails for you.


A couple of other places I think you might want to consider include the following.

Mantra is a fab spot for a cocktail or three. A little retro in its ambience and has a really nice group of people running the joint.

The Little Green Cafe and Zuma provide some great healthy eating options. Or if you are up for a drive, get along to Desa Seni in Canggu and enjoy the village resort atmosphere.

Every night the usual suspects throng to ‘Eat Street’, especially the Italian restaurants, (you may need to stand in line in Ultimo) but our tip is to get along to Warung Casa Loca in Jalan Mertanadi. Great food nice vibe, easy parking.